Original Tractor Cab

The Original Tractor Cab Company has been providing weather protection products since 1939. Three generations later, OTC continues to manufacture affordable weather protection products for the agricultural and lawn & garden industries.

We are primarily an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) supplier of snow cabs, windbreaks, walk behind cabs, sunshades and accessory items. In addition to working alongside every major lawn & garden manufacturer in the USA, we also provide hundreds of these products to Equipment Dealers directly. In partnership with OEM's and Equipment Dealers, we continue to develop new models and products for the consumer as they weather the extremes of the environment.

Letter from the President


Hello to whomever is reading this vital message.


As President of Original Tractor Cab, I have been asked to write an introduction letter for the companies website.  First of all I have to think “What do I write about?”.  I answer myself with more questions than solutions. Then I ask myself, “Do I write about our fine employees?”.  Of course, I do. 

A few months ago, I had a government form to fill out. Among the many inquiries, one stood out.  What is the average length of years, the company’s 17 employees have labored at the Original Tractor Cab factory?  The answer shocked me – 19.4 years.  That tells you that people enjoy working here and they are proud of what they make.  It’s hard to beat experience and we have plenty of it.

Now that I’ve figured out the longevity of the employees, I must assess what all this experience has brought to our products. Our sewing department, led by Bonita, has 5 employees with a total of 128 years of experience with our products. That would be 25 ½ average years and one employee has only been here for 4 years. I don’t believe anyone can tell them how to sew our products more efficiently.  The packing and shipping department consist of 2 long time employees, Doug & Debbie, with 17 & 18 years’ experience each.  The steel department has 6 hard workers with an average of 11.33 years of sweat and grease behind them.  Don’t worry about that not being much experience, Mark, the steel foreman, has 35 years under his belt.

The office side is very interesting. My brother, Randy, and I both worked here as teenagers, later as young adults, left to gain experience and education elsewhere, then returned to make a career of making cabs.  Not counting our youthful experience, we have 55 years between us.  Our head designer, Chris, has 33 years under his belt and there is nothing in this company that he can’t do, except accounting.  Our General Mgr., Sharon, has been here 24 years and the Office Mgr., Jennifer 7 years.  With all this said, I believe we have enough experience to know what to do and what not to do, when it comes to weather protection. Give our products a chance. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.  We’ll beat our competition with good old experience, guaranteed.

It's also very hard to beat 80 years experience as a company. Stanley Williams would be proud to see that his legacy is still churning out cabs to this day.  Thank you, Grandpa and my father, Robert. You both have left a lot of knowledge at our feet so we can carry on.

Growing, Growing, and Growing
Our new engineering facility is allowing us work on even more projects and prototypes. Currently, we have added another 13,500 sqft to our warehouse to accommodate the growing needs of our customers. 

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